Demolishing Hangar 3 at Manchester Airport

Hangar 3, one of the original Hangar’s at Manchester Airport had deteriated over the years with multiple structural issues that required attention. The main structure consisted of riveted steel, north light trussed, portal frame with masonry infill walls, metal roof cladding and concrete floors. A line of internal columns formed a support at mid span with buildings sat adjacent to the main structure. 

  • Location Manchester Airport
  • Completion Date Recently Completed
  • Services Provided Demolition
  • Project Duration 22 Weeks

We were contracted by Manchester Airport to carry out the full demolition work of the Hangar. Before any major work could begin we implemented service diversions/disconnections to ensure the work could be carried out safely. After a full report we were also required to conduct the safe removal of asbestos from the building which was also completed prior to any demolition work could begin. The full deconstruction and demolition works of Hangar 3 spanned over 22 weeks, once completed the site was left prepped, cleared and marked out ready to be used as a car park. 

Hangar 3 Demolition
  • Hangar 3
  • Hangar 3
  • Hangar 3
  • Hangar 3
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